Why Kafkawize?

Audit and Governance of your data, No manual processes, mitigate risks of committing mistakes, increased security & save costs on Time and Effort. Developed with Spring technologies.

4-Eyed Principle

While someone requests, another team member verifies and approves requests

Audit & Quality

All the requests are executed with low risks and even audited for track and trace

Single Source of Truth

All the configuration is stored in Meta store like Cassandra or Rdbms, and there is no data loss

Add Kafka Topics

Request for Kafka Topics and get them approved. Topics are available on the broker with any manual actions

Add Kafka Acls, Avro schemas

Request for Kafka Acls, avro schemas and get them approved. Acls are available on the broker with any manual actions

Synchronize with Broker

Synchronize kafka config zk and broker info, teams and owners with meta store anytime


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Zookeeper quorum

Zookeeper plays the role of coordinating with servers in fail over scenarios, stores naming and configuration information, meta info. For more info visit : https://zookeeper.apache.org/ Kafka needs Zookeeper to maintain its state and store topics, Read more…

Commands for SchemaRegistry

With curl commands, schemas can be retrieved/updated to Confluent SchemaRegistry. Get the latest schema available on the topic: curl -X GET http://localhost:8081/subjects/testtopic-value/versions/latest Get Schema compatibility: curl -X GET http://localhost:8081/config/testtopic-value Get versions of all registered schemas Read more…

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