Centralized Solution For Managing Kafka

Fully self-service, automated, secure with governance and auditing ... one for all

Your Apache Kafka Topics, Acls Security

Full Self-service & Governance

Ensure safety and risk free
with the whole team

With 4-eyed principle, always make sure there are 2 people involved for every request

Audit & Quality

While keeping governance, audit all requests enabling track and trace

Single source of Truth

Make sure no data loss at any point of time, with an additional metastore like Cassandra or an Rdbms

One time synchronization

Synchronize kafka config, teams and owners information with metastore anytime, for regular backups


Simple yet Powerful


Amazing Features & Flexibility Provided, with customizations

A web application which automates the process of creating and browsing Kafka topics, acls, schemas by introducing roles/authorizations to users of various teams of an organization.

Measure Kafka topics usage for every Team

Dashboard provides a holistic view of how many topics are being used

Kafkawize Packages

Free essentials or Ultimate flexibility, with security, automated and support?


Community Edition

Free/ Forever


$xxxx/ 6 mo


$yyyy/ Forever

Create / Approve Topics
Create / Approve Acls
Create / Approve Schemas
Synchronize metadata
Cassandra / Rdbms metastore
Promote Topics
Delete Topics
Delete Acls
SSL connectivity
Ldap Authentication
Email Notifications
Support and Customization
White labelling
Future Updates
Protect what’s

Your Kafka cluster configuration

All the topics and acls metadata is stored in Zookeeper. However there is an increased risk of loosing this config in case of total failures. With Kafkawize, regular backup of this config is taken care of.

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