Kafkawize is developed for organizations, powered by Kafka.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Browse & Request Topics

View all the existing topics of an environment. It is also possible to search based on search filters. My Producer topics, my consumer topics part of the dashboard.

Edit / View Topic config

Topic configuration details like partitions, replication factor and retention period can be viewed. and edited

Browse & Request Topic subscriptions

Producers and Consumers, with IP address or SSL DN names, consumer groups are detailed in this view. Prefixed, Transactional, Literal.

Topic contents

Topic contents can be viewed from a selected list of offsets. Ex : Last 20 offsets, or 50 offsets etc.

Browse & Request Avro Schemas

Avro schema registered in Schema registry of every environment can be viewed.

Kafka Connectors

Manage kafka connectors with self service. Ability to add, delete, edit, get and promote kafka connectors.

Multi Tenancy

Ability for each tenant to manage their environment and topics with their own teams in isolation.

Consumer Offsets and Lag

View consumer offsets and lag of your topic consumer groups

Configurable Roles

Ability to configure roles and assign permissions to roles. Gives the flexibility to adapt according to your organization needs.


Every request and its approval is audited and is visible to users. Request can be Topic/Acl/Schema/NewUser etc..

Users and Teams

New Users and Teams can be added/viewed by superusers. Users can have USER/ADMIN/SUPERUSER or any configurable roles

Metastore : Rdbms or File system

Can be connected to an Rdbms or File system as a metastore to store all the metadata.

Designed for Operations and developers.
Total self-service.

By introducing ownership on Topics, Acls and Avro schemas

Request/Approve Topics

New topics can be requested to be created, and on approval, topics are directly created on the cluster

Request/Approve Subscriptions

New subscriptions on topics can be requested to be created, and on approval, subscriptions are directly added to topics on the cluster. (LITERAL/PREFIXED and Transactional ID)

Request/Approve Avro Schemas

New Avro schemas can be requested to be created, and on approval, schemas are directly created on the schema registry server


New users can register, and on approval by superusers, users are created. Users have different roles. New teams can be created by superuser. Teams contain a bunch of users. Teams own topics, acls, schemas.


Clusters and Environments can be easily added/updated to connect to Kafka clusters

4-Eye principle

Kafkawize is based on 4-eye principle. Every request is approved by a different user, making sure it is reviewed.

Some of the best features

Providing end-to-end automation


Promote Topics

Topics from lower environments can be requested to be promoted to higher envs. This way it restricts users to create topics in adhoc way and at the same time maintains data integrity.

Delete Topics

When a topic is no more needed,it is best to get it deleted. So we save on the partitions loaded by the cluster. This feature makes sure a topic can only be deleted when there are no subscriptions for the topic.

Delete Subscriptions

It is possible to delete particular Producer or Consumer subscriptions of a topic with this feature. This deletion request can be triggered by that Acl owner teams. No other teams can request for other’s acl deletion.

SSO / Active Directory / Ldap

- With SSO - OAuth2 enabled, users do not have to enter credentials again.
- Users can be authenticated against Active Directory/Ldap while users login to Kafkawize.

If you do not want to create/use a different password for Kafkawize users, rather authenticate from your organization ActiveDirectory/Ldap server. It is easy to integrate.

Integrates well into your organization

White labelling
White labelling

Kafkawize can be well integrated into your organization applications, by our white labelling support, for example on logo, colors, etc.


Customers receive support from Kafkawize, if any issues in installation or issues found.


Customers can request for minor customizations of UserInterface.

Future Updates
Future Updates

Our customers receive free updates from Kafkawize.


Metadata Synchronization & Restore

A situation where Kafka cluster already exists and would like to adapt Kafkawize in your organization, all the topics and acls need to have their teams/owners. It is possible with Synchronization of Topics or Acls. Also in case of cluster had any issues, and lost topics and acls, it is possible to restore the whole config.

Email Notifications

For every request and approval, through out the Kafkawize application, emails are sent out to approvers, and after approvals, notify the requesters. When a new user is added, or password changes, etc, notifications are enabled.

Audit & Governance

All the requests from users are audited and can be viewed. Every request and its approval is audited and is visible to users of all teams. Request can be Topic/Acl/Schema/NewUser etc. This helps in efficient tracking of any request.


Dashboard displays different statistics like number of topics owned by teams, status of clusters Dev, Tst, Acc, Prd, status of clusterapi, pendng requests to be approved or declined, and number of configured clusters.

Increased efficiency, reduced manual activities

With full self service enabled, its a ZERO risk of manual errors, saving costs on time and effort.

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Connected Kafka and schema Registry Clusters

Ability to monitor of connected Kafka and Confluent Schema registry clusters from Dashboard

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Reliable, scalable and easy to deploy


Spring boot

Both the UserInterface and Cluster apis are built with Spring boot frameworks.

Spring security

Spring security enables tight security with basic authentication or Ldap authentication.


Front end is built with Angular framework, making it more easy to scale, and add components on top.

Metastore : Rdbms or File

Metastore can be an Rdbms or File system. Teams, users and their ownership on topics, acls and schemas info is stored in metastore

Automate processes around your Kafka clusters with workflows, reduced risk full audit, governance.

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