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Compatible with Confluent, Apache Kafka & any Kafka flavors

Install, configure and relax. Let the teams with self-service, request for Topics, Acls, Schemas and Connectors. At Infra team, just watch out how your Kafka clusters are being utilized

  • With Self-service and Governance in place, request for Topics and Access controls.
  • With Audit, Automation and analytics, monitor if clusters are over utilized with partitions
  • With Security, roles, and authorizations, users can reap the benefits of the platform, without any dependency.

Kafkawize is developed for organizations, powered by Kafka.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Supports Confluent / Apache Kafka
Browse / Create / Edit / Approve Topics
Browse / Create / Approve Access controls
Browse / Create / Approve Avro Schemas
Browse / Create / Approve Kafka Connectors
Dashboard Charts / Reports
Synchronize Kafka Topics, Acls (Backup & Restore)
Promote Topics
Delete Topics
Multi Tenancy
Support for SSL / SASL / GSSAPI
Active Directory Integration
Single Sign-On
Email Notifications
Customizations & Support

Loved by businesses,
and individuals across
the globe.

Automate processes around your Kafka clusters with workflows, reduced risk full audit, governance.

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