Self service is a way of working while learning how the process works and finding the answers themselves.

4-eye principle provides an efficient control on actions performed. It reduces human errors and avoid any possible mistakes from colleagues.
By two people approving an action or an activity, ensures fast-decision making and brings in a robust process.

Reduce Dependency : Without needing to depend on any dedicated team, self service helps to take actions without any delayed actions. Save time and costs.

Growing knowledge within team : When a team is given the responsibility to approve an action, then comes the ownership, which makes any member feel responsible and learns on why it has to be approved. They learn on the implications and impact on an approval. Thus, with this whole process, team and organization is gaining knowledge.

Auditing : When every action is audited and tracked on a workflow, improves efficiency on operations.

Human error Prevention : With a defined and automated procedures on improving application security, teams and organizations stabilizes their growth and builds trust.

Kafkawize is helping organizations in improving several processes while implementing Kafka.

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Automate processes around your Kafka clusters with workflows, reduced risk full audit, governance.

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